Jenius Sales and Marketing Software Integration Services

So many companies struggle to get sales CRM software and email marketing management tools integrated in an effective and productive way. It’s not easy fitting all the moving parts together to create a comprehensive system that generates and delivers qualified leads to your sales team. That is why we offer integration and implementation services for sales and marketing software.

sales team in an office

Integrate Your Sales & Marketing Tools to Drive Leads and Close Sales

If you are making a substantial financial investment in your CRM you need to see a return on that investment quickly. A complete integration of your sales and marketing software is the way to optimize your CRM’s potential.

  • Ensure web form fill leads and asset downloads are flowing property into your CRM
  • Build lead scoring models that make sense for the way you do business and allow your sales team to identify and target the most qualified leads
  • Develop a sales funnel and pipeline
  • Integrate CRM with email marketing software
  • Create workflows for sales and marketing processes