Jenius Sales and Business Development Services

Business development and sales development strategies are ever-evolving. Times and technology change and it’s important to keep your sales process on the cutting edge or risk falling behind the competition.

Whatever you need right now, whether it’s lead flow set up, messaging, “no script” scripts, implementing tools like Outreach, or leveraging sales tools like LinkedIn or our team can make it happen. We bring it all together in an effective way that makes your sales reps more productive and able to get in front of more prospects.

Sales Strategy

  • Map sales flow and process
  • Implement sales productivity tools such as
  • CRM configuration customized with your sales process and necessary reporting in mind
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Sales Processes

  • Compensation analysis to create sales compensation plans that drive the right behaviors and result in increased sales
  • Develop a training program to enable your sales team to increase impactful productivity and close win ratios
  • Create the ideal sales profile and an interview matrix that will ensure that you are recruiting top producing sales talent
  • KPI metric creation to drive increased sales engagement
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Sales Messaging

  • Sales messaging that seamlessly aligns with your marketing message and assets
  • Sales cadence sequences with a multi-touch approach to put your message in front of the right person in the right medium at the right time