Jenius Squad

Meet Your Marketing Department

For less than the cost of one full-time employee, you get an entire marketing department with the Jenius Squad.

Don’t pick just ONE service. Get them all.

In addition to your foundational marketing activity, inevitably, other projects pop up. This month you may want to publish a couple of blogs. Next month, perhaps you want sales collateral for an upcoming event. With Jenius Squad, you have access to resources for a variety of sales and marketing needs and you aren’t tied to a strict contract for a single line of service.

Marketing Services That Drive Rev Gen

  • Content Marketing

    Blogs, emails, web pages, social media, whitepapers

  • Graphic Design

    Logos, brochures, mailers, social images, print materials

  • Email Marketing

    Campaign creation, execution, measurement, automation, drips

  • Social Media

    Management, monitoring, brand building

  • Pay Per Click

    Social media, Google Ads, geofencing, YouTube, remarketing

  • Sales Dev and Pipeline Creation

    Prospecting training, content creation, analytics, and reporting

  • Pipeline Management

    Early stage pipeline management training and consulting

  • Sales Management Training

    Performance management, hiring, communication training 

  • System Management

    Implementation, train the trainer support of sales and marketing software applications

  • Sales & Marketing Strategy

    Short and long term planning

It’s not just smart. It’s Jenius! 

Jenius is a rev gen agency. We deliver services that drive leads that result in higher revenue.