Sales Integration

The Jenius team will connect your sales software systems with marketing processes for maximum impact on lead conversion. 

Marketing Services

Have our marketing team craft the perfect messaging to attract customers with custom content creation and design services.

Sales Dev

If it’s time to invest in business development for your sales team, Jenius will custom tailor a program for your company. 

Hello, Jenius

Contact us for a free consult, to discuss your sales strategy or to get started.

Be a Sales Jenius

Integrate Your Most Important Sales and Marketing Tools

We have over 15 years of experience working with and integrating marketing and sales tools with Salesforce and other CRMs. 

Jenius Marketing

Compliment your sales strategy with content marketing.

If you are struggling to get your sales and marketing teams in harmony, Jenius can help.

Hone your marketing message and develop emails, sales scripts, blogs, white papers, and web content that turns leads into opportunities with Jenius content marketing.

We understand that the goal of marketing should be to not only generate leads with inbound, digital marketing strategies but to also nurture those leads and convert them to closed sales.